Using OPOC’s online control centre, project managers can set up complex projects and involve multiple contributors, including field agents such as maintenance contractors or shop fitters.


• Create bespoke requests for information (RFIs) and control which field agents see them

• Obtain real-time progress updates from field agents

• Monitor overall progress across multiple locations

• Report and analyse data upon project completion

• F​lag Issues & create automatic notifications

• Send intelligent reports instantly to your managers or customer


Create simple or complex projects


  • Instant project creation import tool

    Import complex Projects via our Spreadsheet Import tool or use our handy wizard for smaller Projects.

  • Assign jobs to your mobile workforce

    OPOC can easily handle distributing hundreds of Jobs to your mobile workforce or subcontractor teams via our bulk assign tools.

  • Mobile forms as simple or as complex as you need

    Our mobile form builder allows you to create re-useable forms across multiple locations or create complex, site specific forms for multiple locations.

Create simple or complex projects
Also works with subcontractors
Also works with subcontractors


  • Organise your employees and subcontractors together

    Designed to allow you to manage your own employees and subcontractor teams within one easy portal.

  • One simple scheduler for all your resources

    OPOC provides you with powerful scheduling tools to provide enhanced visibility of all your employee and subcontractor schedules.

  • Instant feedback from the mobile app

    No matter how long the sub-contractor chain, your data sent from our mobile app will be visible instantly to you and your customers.

Mobile forms within the app


  • Requests for Information (RFIs)

    OPOC mobile forms can accommodate many different types of questions (RFIs) which can combine to build intelligent mobile forms.

  • Videos, photos, select lists, barcodes, radio buttons

    These are just a few of the question and data capture types you are able to add to your mobile forms.

  • Speech to text

    We have built speech to text into our mobile forms to make it easier for long passages of text to be submitted much more simply.

Mobile forms within the app
Monitor performance
Monitor performance


  • Powerful reporting tools

    OPOC reporting can be as flexible as your needs require. Complex reporting is easily achievable across multiple locations, projects, question types and users.

  • Instant visibilty of recurruring issues

    Our Location based and Issue Type reporting facility allow you to identify repeating non-compliance occurences and respond accordingly.

  • Full visibility of your company schedule

    OPOC allows you to monitor the progress of major, multi-site projects immediately to enure your mobilw workforce are following your schedule.

Review your locations


  • Geographical visibility for national campaigns

    For national, multi-site locations use our map tool to provide geographical visibility and management of all jobs

  • Powerful map tool tool identity progress

    View the status of all your jobs, colour coded for instant identification of progress. Assign jobs to your field staff according to their location.

  • Identify geographical issues quickly

    Instant reporting for any non-compliance based on geographical criteria easily identified and responded to.

Review your locations
Dynamic reports
Dynamic reports


  • Live updates for you and your clients

    All data from mobile forms is streamed instantly to your desktop for instant visbility allowing you to be proactive, not reactive.

  • One click email reporting for your clients

    You can instantly provide all of your customers instant visbility of thier projects with our one click reporting function.

  • API, Excel & PDF Reports tailered to your needs

    All Project data can be exported to spreadsheets or PDF to a format of your choosing. API Extracts are also available.

Non-Compliance Re-visits


On the occasion when an issue is raised. The OPOC system allows the admin user to quickly convert that issue into another live job and assign it to another field agent or contractor. The new re-visit job is still linked with the original job to enable clear tracking of the entire project to completion.

Non-Compliance Re-visits
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In more detail...

Your OPOC network is managed through individual user licences known as network tokens. When you start to use OPOC,
we give you a single user network token to get going. Adding more users is a simple process and enables you to quickly grow
the size of your network, simply purchase additional network tokens for each additional user.

Our straight forward pricing structure makes it easy to purchase additional network tokens for new users at any time:


The examples below illustrate how easily your network can grow in size and how quickly an issue is flagged and a re-visit is actioned.

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