OPOC’s Project And Resource Planning Software was developed to simplify the complex. It enables you to manage and plan staff or subcontractors who work primarily outside of the office environment, whether they are delivering, installing or maintaining a product or service.



What is Resource Planning?

Resource planning is where you identify all the resources in a proposed project and organise them to deliver a desired result. OPOC’s resource module makes this easy, it enables users to schedule the dates when and for how long resources are assigned to your project. The user can easily Identify the level of resources required per job or activity and schedule the time.


Calendar or Scheduling

OPOC’s easy-to-read, color-coded calendar quickly shows you the workload of each team member or resource. The calendar will help you keep your remote teams productive by reducing waste and increasing efficiencies throughout each project. Our simple to use platform allows the user to check their resource availability and build projects based on specific skills. Within the Calendar you can add, remove and edit any project for any given resource.


Time Tracking

The calendar can help to schedule your team or teams, see how long projects will take to complete, and improve your estimates and planning human resource. OPOC’s unique ability to schedule your own workforce and subcontractors together or separately makes a complex job easy.


Analysis and Reporting

The extensive report function provides all the necessary information a manager or director may need. Once a report has been created, it’s a simple one click process to create and send to any given recipient. The dynamic report function, enables a user to send one report early in the project cycle and each time the report is opened, the report pulls all the up-to-date information through, meaning one report can be sent at any stage to you managers or directors and that report whenever opened will be 100% up to date.




Key Benefits


Schedule Calendar

View resources and add jobs easily to your schedule

Instant Revisits

Instant issue notifications and reduce costly site revisits

Dynamic Reports

Create always up to date reports which pull live information each time they are opened



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One month's FREE trial for every new user

One month's FREE trial for every new user

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