OPOC’s Mobile Forms Software was developed to simplify the complex. It enables you to manage and plan staff or subcontractors who work primarily outside of the office environment, whether they are delivering, installing or maintaining a product or service.



What are Mobile Forms?

Mobile Forms are sets of questions that allow project managers to collect data from anywhere in the world via our mobile app. Mobile forms make life easier by cutting out duplication of frequently used questions and reducing the amount of time spent creating questions to gather exactly the data you need.


How do I create a Mobile Form?

Mobile forms are incredibly simple to create but very powerful too. All that is needed to create a Mobile Form is a descriptive name. Once you have created your Form, you can add, remove and edit any of the questions on your form via the Control Centre. Each Form will also be given its own unique Form Code which can be used in the Project Creation process. Create as many Mobile Forms as you desire with no limit of the number of questions per form.


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Types of Question for Mobile Forms

With Mobile Forms, you are in control of how the questions, or RFIs (Request For Information) are answered. Images, text paragraphs, Yes/No options, multiple choice and Geolocation are just a few of the RFI Types you have at your disposal. Each RFI can be mandatory or optional and re-ordered anytime you need.


How do I implement a Mobile Form on a Project?

Once created, OPOC Mobile Forms are available across all of your Projects at the click of a button. When creating a new project via the spreadsheet import, just enter any Form Codes that you want to implement in your new Project. Sit back and watch the data stream back to the Control Centre in real time.


Other Benefits of using Mobile Forms

Other benefits include greater productivity as a manager, easier continuity for your team, less time spent manually creating lists of questions, complete scalability and not to forget a huge reduction if paper usage and admin time. Are your users working in an area with poor or no internet connection? Then not to worry as OPOC Mobile Forms can be completed offline and transferred at a later time. Your completely customisable forms, combined with OPOC's state of the art app, makes for the easiest, quickest and most efficient mobile data collection experience.




Key Benefits


Template Forms

Create templated lists of questions to uniform compliance

Instant Upload

As information is entered it is streamed instantly into the Control Centre

Apple Or Android

OPOC Mobile App is available for Apple and Android devices



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