Plan, manage, track and schedule your employees or subcontractors working off-site. Receive instant feedback from our mobile app whether delivering, installing or maintaining products or services. OPOC’s Mobile Workforce Management Software simplifies the complex.



How To Manage A Mobile Workforce Effectively

Maximising productivity and delivering a consistently high level of service with a mobile workforce has always been difficult. Communication is often patchy, and processes can be inconsistent, resulting in delays and budgets being blown. Usual methods of communication from mobile workforces is haphazard, unclear and time consuming to collate. When information is received, it’s not unusual to be in many forms such as email, word docs, excel docs, PDF files, etc, etc. OPOC brings everything together in one control centre, keeping everything uniformed and organised.


Real-Time Updates Direct From Your Mobile Workforce

With OPOC’s unique mobile workforce management technology, we can almost put you on-site with each field agent or sub-contractor, while streaming real-time information directly into the mobile workforce management software control centre. Live information gives the you instant visibility to notes, pictures, video or geolocations, provided by our mobile forms app, to act upon. The system can be programmed to flag any issues which may occur, enabling a quick response and efficient remedy, keeping the project on time and within budget.


Business Intelligence For You, Your Organisation & Your Customers

OPOC is the link between the office staff, mobile field agents, sub-contractors, customers and managers and directors. All project information is deployed to any chosen OPOC mobile forms app ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information. OPOC mobile workforce management software allows you to streamline processes and provide your customers or internal management complete visibility of your service and delivery This visibility gives a detailed insight to any project and improves efficiencies, enabling you to deliver on time and within budget.


Communicate & Respond With Your Mobile Workforce At Internet Speed

Speed of communication has been key to the development creating one-click reports which are sent instantly to any recipient. The control centre enables the user to measure, record and store job data making for a more efficient and productive process.




Key Benefits


Live Stream

All information is streamed live back to the control centre

Reduce Costs

Instant issue notifications can reduce costly site visits

Secure Data

All data is instantly streamed back to our secure data centres



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