OPOC’s Sub-Contractor Management Software was developed to simplify the complex. It enables you to manage and plan staff or subcontractors who work primarily outside of the office environment, whether they are delivering, installing or maintaining a product or service.



Software for Subcontractors

It’s subcontractors who provide all the labour to manage peaks and troughs in any busy industry. These subcontractors can be self-employed, part of an agency or even employees of your suppliers. They all provide a valuable service but it’s usually difficult to manage these teams due to the complexity of their appointments.


We built OPOC Sub-Contractor Management Software to easily manage any form of subcontractor.  The OPOC team have worked with remote installation teams for many years, and developed OPOC to manage any form of subcontractor. It’s quick, simple and easy for anyone to implement standardization, create accountability and increase productivity across subcontractors, employees or agency workers.





Multi-level subcontracting

OPOC’s Subcontractor module, allows any system administrator to manage endless levels of subcontractors. In many industries, it’s not unusual to see jobs being subcontracted to a supplier who then subcontracts to another supplier, and so on. With OPOC Sub-Contractor Management Software it’s easy to keep track of a project regardless how many times its being contracted out.


Subcontractor set-up

The OPOC framework allows the administrator to set up a subcontractor as a business or individual.  A business may have many employees which may be working on a project. Within OPOC the project creator deploys a live project to your chosen business subcontractor, who then can deploy to any number of staff or subcontractors. Everyone is linked via the OPOC app, and all information is captured live and fed through the network instantly to the project creator. Only the information regarding the project is fed through, no details about any employee or if the job has been passed onto another contractor is captured.


One app, many customers

Once registered with OPOC Sub-Contractor Management Software, and the app is installed on your mobile device, all users will have a unique four digit pin code.  This code enables specific job information to be sent to that user only.  The OPOC control centre pushes project and job requests to any mobile devices once the four digit pin code is known. These codes can be added or removed from your control centre at any time.


Unique to OPOC app users, is the ability for subcontractors to provide their four digit pin code to any customers using the OPOC control centre. This means the app users can receive and combine project and job requests from any customers using OPOC into one app allowing the user to be more efficient.




Key Benefits


Manage Sub-Contractors

Manage own workforce and sub-contractors together or separately

Multi-Level Sub-Contractors

Sub-contractors have the ability to pass jobs to their sub-contractors

One App Many Uses

Contractors can use the same app for anyone who is using the OPOC Control Centre



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