OPOC’s Retail Installations Software was developed to simplify the complex. It enables you to manage and your installation teams working on projects at your clients retail establishments, providing instant visibility of project progress and compliance to you and your customers.



Powerful, versatile, instant.

You help retail brands create innovative and engaging customer experiences. We help you deliver your ideas on time, every time!

OPOC is a suite of digital tools designed to help you manage anything from one-off flagship installations to national retailer brand campaigns. Our cloud based control centre and easy to use mobile app allow you to:


  • Schedule and manage your inhouse installation teams
  • Manage multiple sub-contractors in one simple yet powerful portal
  • Provide instant feedback of progress
  • Track issues instantly to facilitate speedy resolution
  • Ensure compliance and consistency across all sites
  • Demonstrate progress and completion to your clients
  • Achieve cost-saving with powerful business intelligence data


Our proven technology is versatile enough to handle major retailers with hundreds of locations nationally to smaller operations working at a more local level with ease. Whether it be retail display and graphics installations, major product launches, innovative in-store experiences, we can help you amaze your clients by facilitating your project’s smooth roll-out with quality, timely feedback.


Subcontracting made simple

A core feature of the retail installations industry is supplier sub-contracting. You’ll already know the challenges that can arise from having multiple teams working on different aspects of a large project. OPOC has been created to simplify this process and allow you to manage complex operations from within a single portal and benefit from the time/cost savings that being able to control all this from within one simple package will bring. No more inbox full of emails from various teams to manage and merge into a coherent format.


Gain instant visibility of all Non-Compliance

We know how difficult it can be to maintain standards and compliance during large rollout campaigns. So we designed our control centre and mobile app technology to firstly, be flexible enough to ensure field installation teams are provided with all the information needed to ensure instructions and designs are followed; and secondly to give you the visibility you need when things don’t go to plan. OPOC gives you the tools to respond instantly to challenges faced in the field, reducing costs and maintaining the standards your business relies upon and your customers demand.


Simple process for when things don't go to plan

OPOC allows you to easily create revisits to solve issues and gives the visibility to identify and solve recurring problems with ease. Our powerful reporting suite will provide you with the data you need to prevent expensive repetition of issues, and dispatch teams instantly when things don’t go to plan.




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One month's FREE trial for every new user

One month's FREE trial for every new user

By Phill on December 6, 2018 09:13


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