The Retail sector is just one area which has a large responsibility. They build new stores, develop areas, support communities, create jobs and build eco-systems to support themselves. It’s clear to see, leading companies are talking big steps to demonstrate their positive contribution to local social, economic impact studies.

It’s one of our key goals, that OPOC continues to provide solutions to our users to help them reduce their impact in all three sectors. The results we’re seeing from our customers, has been impressive:

Social: OPOC is managing very complex projects, which are scattered all over the UK & Europe and we’ve not lost one piece of data. The system control centre seamlessly gathers and collates, text, pictures, video, signatures etc, into a simple dashboard which can be configured to show only the critical information you want. With one click reporting, means the users no longer has to gather and collate large amounts of information, which releases enormous amount of time back to the user to better use elsewhere.

Economic: Our results have shown, time saved using OPOC is considerable, we’ve seen improvements of up to 70% reduction on projects time when using OPOC. These improvements are spread throughout a project, meaning each activity can be simplified, reduce errors and completed quicker, which can deliver huge savings.

Environmental: Any business using remote workforce’s will incur substantial transport costs. If these services are not efficient, we regularly see two key factors, completion dates not achieved and higher costs. The cause of these two factors, come from simple issues which are not rectified while remote teams are still on site. OPOC’s live stream data and issue notification has greatly cut the amount of site revisits, keeping costs down and reducing vehicles on the road.  

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