OPOC's Autumn app release, has a couple of handy little features. ID card integration and Voice to text conversion.

No more need for a security tag or lanyard, the OPOC app combines your own company ID into the app when you register. Just tap the home screen for your Company ID tag to appear. This Tag can be edited to suit your own company, including logo and users’ details. This feature is ideal if you wanted to group people together when starting a project. The Primary user can now scan-in any number of secondary OPOC users to enable the control centre to clearly see who’s working on any given project.

We’re always looking at saving our users valuable time, so our clever tech people have enabled OPOC app to convert speech into text. No more time wasted typing in information, now you just hit the microphone icon and speak, and the OPOC app converts anything you say into text and inserts it into the app.

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