We see time and time again, remote workforce's or contractor's who are working onsite encounter problems. These problems usually result in a postponement of a job, a late completion date and always result in more costs. 

Historically some people on site would encounter problems and report back to the head office, down tools and move onto another job. This problem may take days to filter into the right person who can authorise and fix the problem. Then when authorised, a whole new process of booking people to return to site and complete the job can take days to confirm dates.

OPOC's unique live feed to the control centre can provide minute by minute information which helps the administrator instantly act upon any problems that may occur.  This ability, gives the administrator an opportunity to fix some problems on the fly, enabling jobs to be completed on time and within budget.

This is just one function within OPOC that has been critical to saving countless time and money for our users.

Learn how OPOC can help you:

  • Measure and manage your retail installations
  • Raise store re-visits with one click
  • Categorise Issues to analyse performance
  • Flag Issues & create notifications