Our commitment to our customers is to constantly improve or develop new solutions. We have now released a Dynamic reporting module which allows the admin user to quickly send a report on a project or job with one click. These reports are ideal for your customers, managers or directors wishing to know critical information instantly.

When opening a Dynamic report the user sees all the information about the project or individual job. The User can click onto any part of the report for more detailed information, such as, what were the issues on site, and look at the photos or videos of the problem. 

All reports can easily be viewed on Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop computers. Customers also have the ability of creating bespoke reports so only the necessary information is displayed within the report.

 Learn how OPOC can help you:

  • Measure and manage your field teams
  • Reduce site re-visits
  • Manage complex projects efficiently
  • Reduce Issues